Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Transit in the T Dot

I had an unexpected day off last week thanks to the TTC (Toronto Transit) wildcat strike on Monday.

I woke up to pandemonium on the streets of the T Dot as the 800,000 regular TTC commuters found themselves locked out of the subways and no streetcars and busses running either! The Taxi services were going nuts and at one time I was on hold for 20 minutes straight. The second time I tried… held for about 10 minutes before a very harassed operator told me it was a minimum 1.5 hr wait! Upon which I called work and said I wasn't coming in!

I'm trying to upload a pic we took of Yonge St. just backed up all the way.... but stupid blogger isn't loading it!

Fortunately everything was back to normal the next morning… or so I thought! Just two days later on Wednesday morning … some m*f* decided that life wasn't worth living and so decided to ram into a train. This foolish - not to mention selfish- act resulted in the entire eastbound line being shut down - DURING MORNING RUSH HOUR. I mean seriously… if you ARE going to kill yourself… there's a perfectly good lake available… and you won't be inconveniencing anyone that way!

After I was unceremoniously turned out of the subway, I made my way (together with about 500 other irate commuters) up to the bus bays. Of course no one actually knew what was going on… and let alone actually knew where we were… so I just got on to the first street car going in a general downtownish direction! In all that pandemonium.... I befriended a Parsee couple from Bombay who were new to the city and after a meandering, but rather interesting streetcar ride through various parts of downtown… I finally arrived at work 45 mins late but having met some very nice people and an unexpected tour of some lesser known parts of the city!
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