Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Horizons

We did it! We bought a house! 

We had been thinking about it for some time now, as life in a condo was getting a little too cramped for everyone. About 6 months ago, my brother suddenly developed a passion for music and formed a band with a bunch of his weirdo friends. Not only did they feel the need to buy all sorts of instruments thrown away by the rest of the music world… but they also decided that our place had the best "feel" when they practised. Our condo had begun to look like the place where all old instruments (and cables) go to die and I think my dad irrevocably made up his mind to move when he tripped over my brother's amp for about the 451st time trying to manoeuvre his way to the TV!! 

Anyway… after a relatively short hunt, we decided on a pretty little bungalow just 10 minutes south of our current place. And since the seller was one of my dad's work colleagues, it seemed as if it were meant to be! Although we shook hands on the deal last night, there's still a lot of formal and legal mumbo jumbo to go though involving lawyers and permits and inspections etc etc etc. We won't have possession till end Oct - the 27th to be precise - as the current owners' new home won't be ready until then. Still, it gives us the next 3 months or so to sell our place and get packed. 

I went to see the house last week and although there are some things I'd like to see changed - like the butt ugly awning over the front bay window and the oh-so-seventies kitchen - overall, I really liked it. As mentioned, it is a bungalow (my Mum can't manage stairs) with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath/washroom, kitchen, living + dining on the main floor. The house has a complete basement with 1 huge bedroom and an ensuite washroom, a laundry room, foyer and family/ rec room with an exit to the backyard. Its not much of a backyard right now… rather neglected actually, but my Dad who has a real green thumb is looking forward to changing that real soon. We had a pretty little garden in Bombay and he's really missed potting around (pun intended!) ever since we moved here and into a Condominium. It’s a good area as well … old neighbourhood - the house itself is about 40 yrs old - but in good condition. And thankfully should cut down on my daily commute as it is not too far from the subway… in fact it would be a nice walk in the summer … about 15 mins. 

So I guess once again I'm looking at a summer filled with packing away memories and mementos… except this time there is no heartbreak - just new horizons!

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