Friday, June 23, 2006

Amazing Grace

My friend's dad passed away last week.

Somehow, its not really a sad event. Not that his dad was a bad guy or anything like that…. Just that he had been terribly ill for a while and it was an actual relief to know that he was finally at peace.

My friend seems to be taking his dad's death pretty well. But then again he is a strong person - not like me. I'd prolly crumble and shrivel up in the same situation. Only once before has a person's death really mattered to me. But even then I think I was too young and too far removed from the event for it to truly effect me.

But I know that soon will come a time when death will invade my little bubble of a life and force me to deal with its harsh reality. Every day now I wake up and am thankful that I have one more day with my grandparents. At 93 and 83 … both my grandpa and grandma have enjoyed a long and full life - a fact chronicled by a recent family project that outlined 60 years of their married life. And I have been lucky enough to enjoy their company for 20 wonderful years. But let's be realistic here… they're not likely to live much longer and when their time comes, I wonder if I will have the courage and grace to face death with the same downright ballzy courage of my friend.

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