Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Boys are SO stupid!

Although I get along really well with 99.99% of Jibblet's friends… there's one or two that I really cannot abide by… for various reasons that are immaterial right now. I have told him time and again that I really do NOT like these folks - and one in particular - and would like to avoid all interaction with them. If he wants to meet and go out with them…. Fine by me… just as long as I am not involved.

Now while this seems like a simple enough concept to me - and you the impartial reader please feel free to vote on this - Jibblet just doesn't seem to get it.

Like most recently this weekend, he had invited a bunch of his high school buddies down to Toronto for a baseball game. And because I knew all of the invitees, I even made arrangements for the tickets.
Come Saturday afternoon the doorbell rings and I open the door - only to find Mr. Dirtbag himself on the doorstep! I tell ya- it took every bit of self control NOT to slam the door shut in his face! When confronted.. Andy merely shrugs and claims to have "forgotten" that he invited Dirty D for pre game drinks.

Now I can understand when one forgets to pick up dinner… or the laundry… or even one's offspring as I hear happens from time to time…. But to intentionally invite someone over on a particular date and at a particular time and then totally FORGET that you did it… now THAT takes a person with immense talent for stupid and not to mention irritating behaviour!

Suffice to say I was mad as hell when I found out that I had to put up with the Dirt Bag for the entire evening (though thankfully I had 3 hours respite during the game!) and was inches away from calling and having the entire lot of tickets canceled. If it wasn't for the other 3 guys who's company I actually truly enjoy…. The entire day would have been a washout.

All I'm saying right now is that Jiblett had better wait a LONG time before asking me for tickets again.


Conal said...

What did DB do that was so deplorable ?

Nix said...

Do you have a whole day... that's how long it would take!

Here's the condensed version:
Think of pond scum.... then think of something even pond scum would reject... and that's DB.

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