Thursday, March 26, 2009

This one's for Penguin Pal

A bit late I know, but I only just heard about this from a friend last night. It seems that Percy Penguin the unofficial mascot of the London School of Economics (LSE) was stolen some weeks ago. All that remains are the feet and the base of the statue that was a donation by Canadian LSE Alumnus Louis Odette.
What is even stranger is that a similar penguin statue also created by Toronto artist Yolanda vanderGaast was stolen eight years ago from an Odette-funded sculpture park in Windsor, Ontario.

Officials are pretty sure it is no more than a prank and most certainly alcohol related so chances are, they're not going to put a whole lotta effort into tracking down leads. Understandably, LSE students are upset and some point the finger at their rivals at King's College.

Penguin Pal, no doubt you are troubled by this blatant act of penguin terrorism and so here's something to cheer you up.


Anonymous said...

So much to comment on...LSE has a penguin as a mascot...I knew they were's missing???? OMG...I have no idea where it could be ;)

..and fantabulous website of blogs...I'll have to sit with a nice big cup of java and enjoy....

thanx much, kiddo!
Penguin Pal

The Pixy Princess said...

I was going to call and ask you for your whereabouts 2 weeks ago, but then realised that you'd do anything for penguins. But you won't do that. Meatloaf was wrong.

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