Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing Tour Guide

After a whole month of impatient jiggling (read: anticipation), Jules was finally IN THE T DOT! Her first foray out into the city on Sattyday was to get her hair cut and styled (the girl sure has her priorities down right!) and so I headed over to Yorkville to meet her post coif. Got to the salon only to find that they had temporarily relocated and when I tried to call Jules on her "emerg US cellfone" found that I had copied down the wrong number. So, after hanging up on the very confused lady somewhere in Ohio, I called Trippy who trolled through my email and found me the correct digits. Watson - the game's afoot!

Jules and I had a joyous meeting on a Yorkville street corner where after I paused to duly admire her new cut, we proceeded to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant at Bloor/Avenue Road and over a nice big bowl of Bun Cha and spring rolls, we chitty chatted to our hearts content.

Our tummys full, we started on the Tour de Toronto; down Avenue Road past the ROM, through Queens Park and onto University Ave. Headed west on Dundas and peeped at the Ontario College of Art & Design and the brand spanking new AGO before settling down for a post lunch pint (for me) and a coke (for Jules) at one of my fav T Dot pubs - the Village Idiot. Continued our Discover TO walk through Spadina and Chinatown and then down to Queen West and back over to Nathan Phillips Sq and City Hall before making our way over to the Rogers Centre to find my brother at the Jays merchandise store and score some free passes to the CN Tower. This is a little bit of what we saw up there - just with less snow!

And finally, we capped off the day with dinner at the Rhino on Queen W where we were joined by Trippy and some other friends for dinner and more drinks. Btw, if you're in the T Dot and partial to good brews, check out the Rhino. They've recently renovated and now have an AMAZING selection of hoppy goodness both on tap as well as in bottles. I'd also recommend the spinach and chicken fettuccine. Yum!

Met up with Jules again on Sunday and headed over to the Distillery District for brunch and a wander around the shops and galleries. So intent on wandering was I that I totally forgot about the planned hockey game at 4pm and thankfully Jules has HER head screwed on tight and reminded me about the same. A mad dash over to the Richo Colosseum followed, but we were well in time to meet up with Beer Baron and Trippy and taken in the excitement of the Toronto Marlies vs. the Syracuse Crunch in some AAA hockey action!

It was only the second time I'd ever been to a Marlie's game and for a relatively cheap price, we managed to get a whole lot of entertainment such as kids on Zambonis.......
......and people running around in bubbles impersonating gerbils in between the game periods........
And of course - the actual hockey game which was terribly exciting as the two teams were evenly matched and both fought hard through out. Yes, there was also an all out gloves-off, face-pounding fight as well so Jules was able to experience ALL aspects of a hockey game!
Afterwards, Jules and I said goodbye to Trippy and Beer Baron and headed back into the city to find a poutine place. It turned out to be closed, so we settled for Japanese food instead. Just as tasty and much less heart-attack inducing as well!

Jules is probably busy at her conference right now - the real reason for her trip to the T Dot and we have plans to meet on Wednesday for a dim-sum lunch in Chinatown!

I also found out over the weekend that Conks, a neighbour/friend from Bombay who now lives in Atlanta is planning to visit me in May. Thanks to Beans and Jules' visits, he's going to get the super duper polished version of the Pixy tour of the T Dot!
Huuum... now there's a career option I could consider for Scotland!

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