Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guinness Book - take heed!!

My good friend Shutterbug is getting married (again) in Israel on August 9. I say again because she and her husband had a civil wedding here in the T Dot this past January. On the exact same day as another friend The Blonde One tied the knot which resulted in me doing a mad dash from Shutterbug's ceremony at City Hall at noon, to her apartment for a quick brunch and then back downtown for The Blonde One's ceremony and reception at the Arts & Letters Club.

My dedication to being a wedding attendee is well documented based "wedding journeys" to Bombay (3 weddings!!), Denver, Sydney and Scotland and it is no chance that I've been bestowed with the title of "Official Out-of-Town Wedding Attendee." But here is my most ambitious project yet!

The details are still fuzzy but I plan to travel to London, England this August for a college friend's wedding on August 7th. Beans (who will meet me there) and I will then fly out to Israel the next day and that way we can both be there for Shutterbug's religious ceremonies on August 9th.

Doable? Probably.
Tight? Definitely.
Crazy? Most Certainly!!!
Fun? Absolutely!!!

Should have also mentioned that before Beans and I had our conversation about going to Israel, the Beer Baron and I had "pinkie swore" to make a road trip to the Maritimes as a "last hurrah". IF those plans work out, looks like I'd be on a road trip in early July, leave for Glasgow mid July, go down to London first week of August and then fly out to Israel for approximately 10 days. Now that's travel packed!!!


laurie said...

glad you liked my irish adventures. doug and i are going again on may 2 so be sure to check back for more tales of folly and drink.

on the other hand, trips to london and israel will be pretty fun as well.

were the bombay weddings like the movie (i think it was called "bombay wedding," wasn't it?). such a gorgeous movie, and it made me feel warmly welcomed even though i was just sitting in my living room watching it on tv.

Jules said...

Ooooh! You'll be in my corner of the world in August!! Let me know if you have plans to stick around the region and do some sightseeing/vacationing, and I'll meet up with you.

The Pixy Princess said...

I think you're referring to "Monsoon Wedding". Beautifully made movie. No, the 3 weddings I attended were all Christian weddings, but certainly not without their own special brand of ceremony, colour and celebration. If you're interested, click on the Flickr link on the blog which will take you to my Flickr page. Click on "sets" and look for "Bombay weddings" and you'll see what I mean.

The Pixy Princess said...

Jules...*Gasp* Didn't think about that AT ALL! Yes!!! Travelling is in the plans. Let's talk more when you're here.....

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