Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Looking Busy Doing F*ckall is a term that I first heard used by my cousin Rebel some years ago. It generally means putting up a good appearance of diligent work at your desk/cubby, but all the while indulging in frivolous web activities like checking emails, Facebook, blogging and such. Used in a sentence: Pixy, I was LBDFing all day long and it felt awesome!

And that's pretty much what I've been doing these past 2 days ever since I got the email about my visa application being granted. I've tried, seriously tried concentrating on the VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT that I have due in two weeks time and the host of other emails, phone calls and general admin stuff that is piling up on my desk at an alarming rate.

It's just no use.

All I can think about is moving to Glasgow, being with Beans, travelling around Europe and a whole host of other de-lovely thoughts that have not the slightest connection in the least to work and work related activities.

And to help me with my "research" I recently discovered two blogs that I just added to the new section "Project: Destination Scotland" to the sidebar. Both are by young women in their 20s who moved to Scotland from the US to live/work/study there. Or my new favourite read - Three Dog Blog about Laurie, a journalist and travel enthusiast (the best combination I think!) from St. Paul, Minnesota and of course her 3 dogs Riley, Boscoe and Toby. Personally I think Beastie would get along great with her! Laurie has made several trips to the Emerald Isle and her vivid accounts of the country and its people have me longing to visit there myself. Hopefully, Beans can show me around his native land soon.

Started this post with Rebel, and so should end with her as well. Just found out that she and her husband are expecting their first baby around mid September, hurrah and congrats to them both.

Oh look. It's almost time for lunch. That was a lovely morning of LBDFing!


Anonymous said...

Fantabulous news!!!! Have your feet returned to the ground yet?

So are any details set yet?

I'm so happy for you.

Penguin Pal :)

Jules said...

I live in the Land of Acronyms, so here are a few others for you to use:

NQR: Not Quite Right
STFU: Shut The F*** Up
NUTS: Not Up To Standard

The Pixy Princess said...

Oh no deets, but still hovering. I suspect that will be happening for a long while yet!

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