Wednesday, June 09, 2010

That Special Effect

Over the past 10 months since moving to G Town, I seem to have developed a whole new kind of relationship with my parents. Where as before we merely coexisted in the same house with sporadic conversations, we now talked long and often about everything and anything. I thought that I had gotten to know them very well indeed. Apparently, there was still much to learn.

During yesterday's conversation with my mum I was confiding in her as to just how vulnerable I now felt, thanks to the last few months of madness. In trying to explain how I felt, I compared this feeling to my long term fear of heights. In spite of not being comfortable with heights being deathly afraid of heights, I've never let that deter me from climbing to the topmost viewing station on a tower or going on a hike up a perilous path just to be able to get an amazing view from the top. I confessed that I was now terrified of scaling those heights in everyday life. There was a job I had heard of which would be an amazing opportunity and I was afraid to even apply as the fear of failure loomed large.

My mum listened to my rant not saying a word. When I had finished, there was a little pause and she cleared her throat. Listen to me Pixy, she said. Do not let that idiotic fool of a boy stop you from anything. He has caused enough mischief and problems and you cannot allow your life to be dictated by the actions of a bloody arsehole who does not understand the meaning of common decency.

The advice was sound and I would have been suitably consoled by her words had I not been gobsmacked instead as I realised that I had just heard my mother swear for the first time ever.

Beans really should be proud of the overwhelming effect he has had on the women in my family.


laurie said...

i LOVE your mom. she is SO right. i keep thinking, when i think of you and Beans, "she's strong coffee, he's weak tea."

you have so much going for you--an ebullient personality, a great determination, a never-say-die spirit.... time to move on, girl. the sky's the limit for you.

Elli said...

I agree with laurie. Eventhough coffee's made out of Beans, he's the kind that have come out of a cat's ass; Perhaps at some point highly valued, but let's face it, are shit.

You are awesome. And so seems to be your mom! xx

Anonymous said...

Mom's rock!

The Bride said...

Haha... my first thought on reading your mom's spiel was... wow aunty said arsehole!

The Pixy Princess said...

PP - yes... mom's DO rock. :)

Laurie - I AM moving on. Its going to take a while to distance myself from the situation, but the 6 weeks away will be just the ticket.

E - hahahaha funny girl!

Bride - knowing what you know about Indian mums, I'm sure you'll appreciate just HOW gobsmacked I was when I heard her utter those fateful words!

Anonymous said...

pixie: i want an update on how that job interview went.

and ps: your friends are funny with the coffee analogies!!


laurie said...

elli is hilarious.

Skittles said...

Catching up on reading your blog right now.

Your mom = raw awesomeness.

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