Friday, June 18, 2010

Facts and Figures

335 days since I arrived into G Town last year, full of hope. The possibilities were endless.

302 days since I got dumped the first time. Suddenly, possibilities had limitations.

16 days since I got dumped the second time. By the same guy.

17 days since I washed my hands off him once and for all. About time eh?

3 - the number of people that have opted to turn their back on me. Their loss.

21 - new friendships that I have forged, including imaginary online blog buddies!

290 days since I moved into my flat and found out that I'd struck gold on the flatmate meter.

260 days since Nana passed away.

49 days since Papa followed her.

5 - beautiful surprise cards and gifts sent by loving friends to cheer me up. Bless them!

4 - plants bought to cheer myself up!

500 (and counting) - the number of times I have thanked the Heavens for the gift of family, of friends and of love.

156 days since I hugged a family member.

17 days that I got to share VBFs parents and have a Mommy around.

277 job applications sent out.

65 - days that I've worked over the past 10 months.

£700 - the amount that an ex employer owes me.

34, 20, 14 - the number of phone calls, text messages and emails that I have sent that ex employer.

2 - the number of times I have wished the pox upon him. Bastard.

14 - the number of pounds I have dropped in weight since moving here. The all yogurt diet sure helps.

7 - food dishes that I mastered cooking before I moved onto the all yogurt diet.

3 - the number of holidays I have had in the past year; India, Paris and the Netherlands. Not bad for someone who is financially broken.

10 days until I leave for England and a new opportunity.

43 days of confirmed employment. Thankfully.

365 days until my visa expires. The possibilities are endless.


Elli said...

A lot of stuff has happened to you. Sooo much..

Does this last point that I get to keep you a bit longer? <3

Anonymous said...

Like the last one the best. ;)

Timorous Beastie said...

Wow! You are so industrious and inspiring. We love you Pix!

Wandering Wynie said...

*Inhales excitedly* you're moving to England?! Cool! I loved this post ;) The possibilities are endless. Never forget!

The Pixy Princess said...

Ellie - you have me until the end of September for sure. after that....???

Wynie - I'm moving just for 6 weeks over the summer. Have a job set up in England for that time.

The Blonde One said...

1 lovely person who I have no doubt will make the next 365 full of magic and possibilities.

laurie said...

hadn't realized you're moving to england. you'd better pack this blog to take iwth you!

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