Monday, June 07, 2010

The Omen

A few months ago to celebrate St. Paddy's day, I bought a little shamrock plant. It was the cutest little thing and I found a nice little pot at a charity shop to plant it in. The months went on and the little shamrock grew and thrived along side the other members of my green family.

About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a change. The little bugger seemed dull and listless and there were more dead leaves than green ones on the plant. I wondered if the roots were getting a little rotten and so I tried loosening up the soil and adjusting the watering schedule. Even moved it to a new spot hoping that it would find some new mojo.

But by the time I returned from the Netherlands, it was looking very bad for Paddy. If I were a plant doctor, I would be calling in the relatives and asking them to pay their last respects. I put out an appeal on Facebook hoping that someone out there would have an idea as to how to revive a dying plant. What I didn't expect was to get the following response:

Its a sign. Let the bastard die!

Oh, how long and hard I laughed. I never considered these things, but perhaps it is a sign indeed. And so, I've left it alone on the windowsill and will allow it to figure out whether or not it wants to be a part of my life. It has one more week before it gets dumped into the bin and I move on to something else. Gerber daisies or geraniums perhaps?


Anonymous said...

dearest one
i'm back at work, and back on your blog and am finally up to speed on your wonderful life. Let the bastard die indeed.

Replace with Lavender...need very little watering, will tolerate dought conditions - and smell nice inspite of complete indifference by their owners. That's the kind of plant us Gonsalves' need.

Miss you heaps.

PS: If you see this today, try and work out where Hamish And Andy Caravan of Courage is - popular Sydney radio show currently touring Scotland, and give me a shout out!

The Pixy Princess said...

Thanks for the big cousin advice; re the plants and otherwise. The plant caring genes are otherwise strong in me, must be just the Irish that don't want to be part of my life and home!

Will keep a watch out for Aussi styled caravans and let you know if I see anything of interest! :)

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