Saturday, May 15, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

May has been the worst month ever for blogging. Its not that there's nothing happening. In fact, just the contrary.

I've been working constantly and between the three jobs I literally haven't had a day off since the 8th and won't have one until the 25th! This is not a complaint though as I need every single penny that I can possibly earn.

In addition, VBF's parents' visit has been keeping busy. Although I've been at work and haven't really been able to hang out all that much, there's been an awful lot of time taken up with all the overladen dinners almost every night.

Prawn Pulao.
Chicken curry.
Spinach and potato bhaji.
Aloo tikkis.
Baingan bhajiyas.
Gobi bhaji.
Daal. So much daal.
Hot hot chapatis.

The list is endless. The kitchen has been turned into a culinary haven. And I'm too busy stuffing my face most every night to sit down and blog about it!


Elli said...

Time to come over with my plate again, I see. ;)

Good to hear that the two jobs are happening.

The Pixy Princess said...

When you and Geoff move to the neighbourhood, I'll expect there will be many more impromptu dinners together! We may even have an "Ellie" plate and a "Geoff" plate! :)

Elli said...

That sounds nothing but good to me. :)

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