Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unadulterated Pleasure

My college pal returned to London last Friday morning and a mere 5 hours after he left, I was already welcoming round 2 of visitors!

VBF's parents are in town and staying at my place over the next two weeks. Although it may sound like chaos having someone else's parents over and having to give up your room (and bed) to them, trust me guys, I'm the one in the winning seat. Already, I'm reaping the benefits of their visit. Awesome home cooked meals wait for me every evening and a bunch of the little handy jobs that I had lined up but had been putting off for weeks, are all magically done!

Uncle D and Aunty P had asked me over and over what I would like from India and over and over I had replied nothing. It wasn't that I was being coy. I had just been to the Motherland a few months ago and had gotten everything that I needed/wanted. Besides, I did know that in true Indian parental style they would be loading up on gifts for VBF and her husband and her in-laws. So very firmly I told them NOT to bring me anything. Anything at all.

Fortunately, in equally true Indian parent style they didn't listen. And they brought me something so very special and so very welcome. Four whole Alphonso mangoes. Ripe and yummy and full of delicious golden loveliness.
If you've never had one, well mere words will just not be able to describe just how delicious and succulent these mangoes are; they're not called the king of all fruit for no reason. I have always imagined that the nectar of the Gods was perhaps made out of the juice of a ripe Alphanso mango.

Four mangoes. Four nights of unadulterated culinary pleasure. And yes, there were soft moans that accompanied each session.


Timorous Beastie said...

I ate a mango when I was in India...ooh... 18 years ago and I still remember the taste like it was yesterday. I've never had another mango like it.

Anonymous said...


The Pixy Princess said...

Tim, if I ever go back to India during mango season I'd probably eat them and nothing else. Course, I'd be very broke by the end... but hey....

PP - you have no idea just HOW priceless. One consignment of mangoes sent overseas is classified as semi precious cargo! No jokes!

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