Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Keeps Getting Better

The Chief Exec of the charity called me yesterday, full of excitement. He'd just got some of the volunteer information forms back and noticed that one of the new volunteers worked with a large recruitment firm. He said he'll send over her information, and perhaps I could give her a call re work opportunities.

Thrilled, I jiggled around impatiently waiting for his email to come in. When it finally popped up on my browser, I double and triple clicked it eager for it to open. I scanned the message for the name of the gift angel that would hopefully pry open the door into that uber exclusive club - employment.

And then, all my excitement went flat and my hopes, that a second ago had been soaring now lay scattered on the floor all around me.

The volunteer who worked in the recruitment agency was Beans' new squeeze.

After starring at the email for what was possibly an hour, I decided that I had already sunk so low, that emailing her really wouldn't matter. So I did. I sent her a nice little note indicating that I was interested in some of the positions that her company had posted on the website, and would she be able to direct me to the best person to chat with about the same.

Its been almost 24 hours, and no reply.

I can't believe I actually got my hopes up. What's that phrase about shame on me for fooling me twice?

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