Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear God, Why Me?

Opened up my email this morning hoping, as always for word from one of the ten thousand applications I have sent out into the interwebulator world.

Instead, I see FB invite to a Paddy's Day party hosted by Beans. And who's at the top of the invite list? Ms. Skinny-Pants-Over sized-Frames. Ok, so the list is alphabetised, so it makes sense that she's right at the top, but still.

Dammit. I rocked ass (literally) at his birthday, but that was without having to face the upgraded version. Again, not going is not an option since everyone knows that I have no social life. Besides, every single other person that I know will also be at that party.

Why... why.... WHY me??

On the other hand, it might be the perfect opportunity to corner her and make her get me an interview with one of the recruiters in her company. That would possibly cement my status as the crazy, needy ex, but hey.. again.. its not like I'm climbing the social ladder, so nothing to loose.

So that's all right then. As long as I have a plan.



Wandering Wynie said...

You should go and show everyone, including your ex, that you're having a wonderful time and that you are a cool and lovely person, and "oh look" you're even cool enough to make conversation with the ex's new 'squeeze'. There's no shame in using contacts with a view to securing a job opportunity so probe that skinny so-and-so and sway the whole thing over to your advantage. Failing that, stay in and eat chocolate. (Oh and by the way, those new girls from your post before last: Top one's head was a bit too big for her body (not trying to be horrible just observant) and bottom one's body was too big for anything. She probably has to carry her organs around in an oversized handbag.)

Timorous Beastie said...

Agree with Wynie about size of girl's head, by the way. Take a friend for moral support.

laurie said...

you are so incredibly indomitable.

The Pixy Princess said...

" Head to big for her body" - You girls crack me up!

Tim - ironically all of my friends will already be there! I really need to find friends who are MINE... all MINE!!!

Laurie - thanks love. I don't feel it, but its nice I'm faking it well! ;)

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