Thursday, August 20, 2009

Record Breaking

Usain Bolt is shattering world records and reinforcing the conviction that he is the fastest man - ever! I am breaking records of another kind. Just 5 weeks (to the day) after arriving into Glasgow, Beans tells me that he doesn't think our relationship is working out.

Even in the midst of the mental turmoil right now, you've got to admit - I do have a record. I mean, it took 6 months of long distance dating to make a decision to move, and that was followed by another 4 months of preparations and anticipation for a new life and a new chapter together.

I somehow manage to shatter that in a mere 5 weeks. World Relationship Record Committee, are you listening?

I don't know where things went wrong. All I know is that I went off on vacation happy and carefree; eager to explore Israel and I returned from the same vacation with a broken heart and worse - a broken spirit. What was that last straw I wonder? Was it in Haifa, when I got yelled at for not walking along fast enough? Or perhaps it was Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea when sick to my stomach with the raging heat (it was 40C in the shade) I insisted we take a taxi back to the hostel instead of doing the 10 minute walk back.

In any case, I am now the proud holder of a record. Being able to drive away a man who declared that he was fathoms deep in love with me so much that he now cannot even look at me and acknowledge me when I am in the same room.

Unlike Bolt, there is no cheering crowd, no podium of glory and no adoring fans. Just a deafening silence in the apartment as I sit down and try to make sense of my current reality.


The Bride said...

Wow, this is a shocker! Must be so hard for you... but remember this: you followed your heart and took a leap of faith. It didn't work out but at least you have no what ifs.

And you do have your own podium of fans cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

I agree Bride...courage and faith...things I have always felt you have in abundance and things that will be good companions now. Keep your head high, you've done more in 20 some odd years, than many in a lifetime.

Hugs ()()()()()
Penguin Pal

Timorous Beastie said...

Bloody hell! That man has an impeccable sense of timing. Are you OK? Do you have someone you can stay with until you find your own place or decide what you're going to do?

Sanchia said...

I'm sorry, honey. But proud of you for taking the risk, even if things aren't working out. It's more than most would have done.

Your Penguin Pal says it truly -- courage, faith, hope. You've always been brave, and you have all our love.

Jules said...

I am really sorry to hear this.

I know you must be hurting at the moment, and being far away from home and family & friends doesn't help when you are going through this either.

Are you going to stay in Glasgow?

I can't find your cell phone number, but if you email it to me, I will give you a call and we can catch up.

Take care.


CurlyGirlie said...

Hey Pixy!I re-iterate what everybody says - u have ur own fans who are cheering u and always have for having the guts to do what you want! We loves for you!! Many many big hugs!

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