Saturday, August 29, 2009

Momma's No Fool

Excerpts from my Mum's emails over the past week. She doesn't know a thing about what's been going on here. Yet......

Dear Pixy,

I was very uneasy and worried after talking to you
on Saturday. I sensed
that all was not quite okay.
I am praying for you that things may work out,
only if it is going to be good for you both. I also
pray that you may
get some kind of employment
to sustain yourself.

Pixy, you have
never given me a ear, but there
are some things I would like to say. You have
choice to heed and take note or to ignore and cast

There are a lot of compromises that one has to
make in a
relationship. For this it is very important
to talk for very often each one
is just assuming
what the other is thinking. Please change your
slip shod
ways and be neat with your things. That sort of
thing can really put
somebody off.

Remember you can't always get your way also
try to
see things from the other person's point
of view. Learn to swallow your pride
and admit
if you have done something wrong. It never hurts
to say you are

I don't know how soon you plan to move out and
get a
place of your own. I know you still don't have
a job and that could pose a
problem. Take up even
a small job if you have to in the meantime so
you have something coming in. Talk to VBF for
advice; she has
done well for herself.

Last but not the least, pray. Go to Him for
help and
you will be surprised as to how He can help. Just talk
to God
and that in itself is prayer. Maybe this is your
time to get back to where
you left off with God. Try it.

With all my prayers and

And then yesterday:

Hey great news. Congratulations! This is a first for you
Your own apt.
And I'm glad it is one that you like.

I'm sure you are feeling better now that at least one
has fallen in place. I had written to you about compromise,
but I do
want to add that the compromise has to come from
both sides. In compromising
don't bend so far back that
you break. At all times keep your self esteem and
and don't compromise on that. There are bound to be many
ups and
downs in your relationship and these can be sorted
out by talking

We received the post card sent from Israel. I spoke to
and Papa a couple of days ago and they too have received
one and
are thrilled about it. I know you will be busy moving
on Monday but do
remember their anniversary on the 1st.

Send us pictures of your
apt. when possible. You will need
a lot of stuff but don't be hasty and buy
things too soon.

Bye and be safe.


Sanchia said...

I have to say--our mothers all have eyes in the back of their heads.

It's evident that she wants the best for you and for you to be happy and secure. That kind of support is something never to take for granted...

CurlyGirlie said...

It's amazing how mothers will unerringly pick out the very things you are trying to avoid - that said, it's also amazing how they always point you in the right direction!

Timorous Beastie said...

I must admit, your mum's advice might not be easy to follow, but she does seem to have a knack of working out more than you tell her! She obviously adores you.

The Pixy Princess said...

I dunno about adoration from my maternal unit; never really saw that. But I do appreciate the advice and the "hang in there" message.
At least its not the "I told you so" I was expecting!

Anonymous said...

Great advice from your mum...particularly the 'not bending too far' one your mum.

Penguin Pal

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