Monday, July 06, 2009

Wanted: Vampire Assistant and Cauldron Makers

From being in recruiter mode over the past two months, I have now switched over to the other side of the fence - job seeker. Although the overall situation seems dismal at first glance, I have been finding interesting HR positions as well as some other interesting project coordination type roles.

And it also appears that even though organizations may be posting for fewer opportunities, the ones that are being posted are certainly, erm..... intriguing!

Take Project Manager - Scrum Master for example, which incidentally I first read as "scum" and thought that it could either mean mico-biological research or working in a law firm.

Or Heavyweight Senior Business Project Manager; would you have to submit your vital stats for this posting? And certainly, no Nicole Ritchie's wanted!

And then there's this position that is actually with Beans' organization - Clerical Assistant, Twilight Post which honest to goodness sounds like a vampire coven is recruiting!

But the one that took the prize was an advert for a witch (yes, you read right) at a tourist site in Somerset. It wasn't the job functions that made me pause - live in a cave, be a witch, do things witches do. It wasn't the candidate requirements either - must be able to cackle, cannot be allergic to cats.

It was the salary.

Apparently the going rate for a first class, live-in witch at a tourist site is an astounding 50,000 GBPs. I wonder if it is hazard pay for occupational inconveniences such as occasionally being hunted down by mobs of angry villagers and potential burning at stakes?

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laurie said...

"must be able to cackle."


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