Friday, June 05, 2009

And the Embarrassment Continues.....

Unwilling to let my previous experience at Pilates deter me from achieving that flat(er) tummy that I craved and the mind-body balance that I was so obviously lacking, I headed off to my second class yesterday. Determined not to find myself in the same predicament as the last time, I had carefully monitored what I ate all day and was confident that there was nothing in me that would feel the need for er... manifestation as I did the exercises.

On entering the room I found myself in a sea of blonde haired, size -0 Lululemon wearing girls. while my $15 Walmart pants seemed to scream bargain basement in comparison. Also, how was it that these girls who were supposedly dressed down for an exercise class looked more put together than I did when I went out to meetings with clients? But I was a little late, and the instructor was already calling for attention, so I hurriedly unrolled my mat and decided to ponder the mysteries of creation another time.

Just as the class was about to begin, another student ran in and settled herself just behind me. As we worked our way through the hour I could tell that she seemed to be having the same kinds of problems as I with understanding the exercises and holding certain poses; and I was oddly comforted by this! At the end of the hour I turned to her and with a big beaming smile said, Oh, I'm SO glad you were in class today! At least there was someone else in here that wasn't thin as a rail!
As she straightened up to face me, I could feel all of the blood drain away from my face. Oh no! I'd basically just called a perfect stranger a fatty!!! That sentence had sounded WAY better in my head, but it was too late. I'd said it. It was out. And in a second she would process what I said and think I was the rudest person alive!

Mumbling incoherently about having to leave, I ducked out of the room as fast as I could get around the other students. Not wanting to risk meeting her in the changing room I took my bags and scampered right out of the building thinking that perhaps the fart would have been the lesser embarrassment after all.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!! How perfectly innocent...but histerical (sp?)

Penguin Pal

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