Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can you say F-U-G-L-Y?

My neighbours two doors down are a lovely congenial Sri Lankan family - Ma, Pa, 3 kids and Grandpa. They're always smiling and waving at folks who walk by. They send over sweets and delicacies to us on Hindu festivals. They are keen gardeners and in my personal experience people who are loving and nurturing gardeners, are generally loving and nurturing towards other human beings. They are quite and orderly and MOST IMPORTANTLY never hold loud rave parties. All key attributes you want in a neighbour.

The catch?

An unfortunate sense of home and garden decor. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ah well, could be worse I suppose. Right?


Anonymous said...

actually, I don't see how it could POSSIBLY be worse!!! Is the thing next to the bunny rabbit a kangaroo?! We have people a couple of streets away from us who have trees shaped like animasl. I'm told it's an artform called Topiary.

Miss you. Good luck with the countdown. STOP being mean to people with strollers... I'm going to be one of those soon.

Muah muah

The Pixy Princess said...

well they could have flashing lights on at night....
No, not a kangaroo; its a duck like thing.

As for the stroller wielding population, I didn't start that war. They're the antagonizes for sure!

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