Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I am very surprised by the seeming lack of basic etiquette in today's world. And I'm not talking about grand gestures to society.Just simple everyday niceties that when collected and put together make for a nicer, happier existence for us all.

Like holding the door open for the person behind you instead of letting it slam into their face.
Like standing to right on an escalator so that persons behind you can walk up the left.
Like paying a little visit to a new neighbour, or new colleague to say hello and welcome.
Like RSVPing to an invite in a timely fashion.

Case in point. I sent out an evite to my birthday celebrations over 2 weeks ago. The evite called for people to respond yes/no/maybe with the option to change that response at any time. 52 people received the email. To date, only 23 have responded - either verbally or online. And the rest? I know they've all read the email. I can tell from the timestamp on the evite. It's just about a week to the event, so won't you know your schedule by now? I don't mind if you've other things planned and cannot make it - that's fine. But, at least let me know that. Right now, I have only a vague sense of who will be attending and if I was catering for the event - I'd be left clueless as to food quantities.

It may seem like a petty issue, but I am peeved, especially since all the people on that invite list are folks who I consider my friends and hence I would expect better of them.

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The Blonde One said...

I hear ya sistah!

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