Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Quickie

No, you pervs - not that! Just a little update on Bean's visit to the T Dot.

Monday: Beans hung out with my bro for most of the day and they did the following:
  • Tried to get a local SIM card for Beans
  • Abandoned that idea when they found out that the cheapest one would be $60*
  • Visited the Scarborough bluffs by the lake where they bonded with the local wildlife by following geese around and attempting to mimic their calls
  • Went for a tour of the Rogers Centre (the baseball stadium)
  • Waited at the pub while I finished up with work

After work, Beans and I headed over to the CN Tower to check out the sights of the city from way way way up high. It was a nice enough day and we had plenty of time to see everything before the sun went down and the clouds rolled in. Oh, should mention that it was the first time I'd ever kissed anyone at an elevation of 342 m. It made my head spin; then again he always does. Finished off the evening with an absolutely scrumptious dinner at the restaurant at the top of the tower. The view was spectacular, the food was amazing, the company was delightful - what more could you ask for in a meal?

Tuesday: Beans and the bro continued with the male bonding with trips to the Police Museum, The Hockey Hall of Fame and the Steam Whistle Brewery where I caught up with them after work for a couple of pints. The 'rents wanted us back for dinner and the Mater had gone all out with the meal. Gee, she must be really desperate to make a good impression on my behalf!

Sidebar funny story: On Sunday morning, my mum comes up to me and tells me this: "He seems to be a nice boy, very pleasant. How nicely he made his bed this morning and came up and said hello to everyone. And you? Not even out of your pyjamas as yet! You'd better shape up your ways. Nice boys don't like messy girls."

I was dying to tell her that its not how I make my bed that turns him on, rather what I'm able to do IN it. But it was too early in the morning to get into that.

After dinner, we had a nice congenial chatty session in the basement before a warm wood fire before calling it a night. How civilized!

Today: More sightseeing in store followed by the basketball game with Trippy and Beer Baron tonight.

And in case you're wondering, yes, there has been ample opportunity for "extra curricular" activities.

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The Blonde One said...

I lurves it! I'll have to tell Matthew that making the bed is very important!

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