Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts on a Wedding

As I sat by watching my oldest friend getting her bridal hair and make up done, I knew this was a moment I would remember for the rest of my life. Watching her, I was reminded of our very first meeting - the first day of school back in grade 1.

I remember my mum taking me up to my classroom. When I got to the classroom, I was faced with a room full of bawling girls. (it was an all girls convent school). This was rather perturbing as I couldn't quite figure out why everyone was crying. I was only too happy to going to a "big girl's school", the same one two of my older cousins attended. Suddenly, I didn't want to be left behind in a room full of emotional girls (something I'm still not comfortable with). My mum asked me where I wanted to sit and as I glanced about the room I spotted the only other girl NOT crying. "Her" I said, "I'll sit with her." That girl turned out to be Very Best Friend and we've been partners of sorts for the past 22 years.

The hairdresser asks me a question, and my thoughts snap back to the present. The chaos, anxiety, stress and drama that is the mandatory accompaniment to all weddings have settled down into a dull haze. With just a few hours to go until the ceremony we've done all that needs doing and can only hope that things will go well.

I wondered what I would feel as I watch my Very Best Friend walk down that aisle and take her new partner's hand. As she repeats her vows she will forever be bound to him and his life and on some level, she and I will never share the same sort of friendship ever again. Even as I rejoice in her happiness and that I know that her fiancé is a wonderful man who will make her very happy, I cannot but help feel a twinge of regret as I see a chapter of my life close forever. My friend will be stepping through the gates into a new world, and I will be unable to follow.

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