Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Punch Line

Riding home on the Subway the other night, I was lost in my own little wonderland world when I was snapped back to present day by a sudden loud exclamation and shout from another passenger. I looked up just in time to see a guy on the platform flip “the bird” and a young girl shaking her fist at him as the train pulled out of the station. The girl was best described as Trailer Park Chic with a definitive early 90s theme to her clothing. I think she was still getting her fashion trends from 90201 episodes. Her partner was cross between a budding K-Fed (pre access to Britney’s money) and J-Roc (from Trailer Park Boys) with a temper like Tyson’s and a vocabulary that would make Howard Stern blush. Together they made a charming couple.

Girl: That was my ex. What an AHole he is. Beat me up all the time. But I got him good as well.
Boyfriend: Too bad I didn’t see him earlier – I’d have loved to punch him out.
Girl: Yeah, that would have been great.
Girl: But maybe not. I suppose that would go against my parole. I’m not ready to go back to jail. Me and [insert friend’s name] are going shopping to Buffalo next weekend.


Scribbler said...

Well, she could have bought a whole new wardrobe of jail clothes and THEN gone back. :P

Scribbler said...

By the way, am reviving blog -- can I link to you?

The Pixy Princess said...

lol, my first reaction was "Who the hell is Scribbler?"

yeah away!

Scribbler said...

Hahaha -- I suspect that's happening a lot, I keep commenting on people's blogs and have them guesing away. :)

Lotus Reads said...

That's why I love traveling on the always makes for a good conversation and blog posts! :)

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