Sunday, January 28, 2007

Travelling Mac*

After a hectic 2 weeks in Bombay, I finally began the "travel" part of the trip. First up was a weekend trip to Aurangabad to visit the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves and check out the glorious Buddhist carvings and paintings and Jain and Hindu carvings, some dating back to the 6th century BC. I can't believe I lived in Bomaby for 20 years and didn't make the trip before. Charlene, a cousin from Toronto who's also touring India for 2 months decided to join me and so did Captain another cousin who lives in Bombay.

Highlights of the trip (well aside from the AWESOME caves of course) include my first stay in a convent (nuns have heaps more fun that we think!) and a kufaffle at Ellora that had a security guard denying entry to my INDIAN cousin on the pretext that she doesn't "look" Indian. I on the other hand sailed through and he didn't give me a second look! My cousin was speechless with indignation for all of 30 seconds before she laid it into the security guard switching rapidly from English to Hindi to Marathi (the regional language) and for good measure added a few choice phrases in a couple of other Indian languages as well. Even after she showed him a bunch of her identification, he refused to let her in. By this time quite a crowd had gathered and seeing 3 "innocent" women being so unjustly treated, they proceeded to liberally abuse the security guard until he let her in. Charlene and I had in the meantime laughed ourselves fitless and welcomed Captain into the "foreigner" category with open arms. The rest of our stay at the Ellora caves kept getting interupted by random folk who had heard what happened and wanted to take a picture with my cousin!

Left for a 10 day trip to the northern desert state of Rajasthan on Jan 25th. Charlene joined me again and so did another Bombay cousin - Charmaine. (yes, I have a lot of cousins in Bombay and yes they all seem to have names beginning with "c").

Flew into Jaipur for a day - just enough time to check out Hawa Mahal, chow down on delish Rajasthani thali and catch up with a college friend Ditty.

After a day in Jaipur we moved on to the holy city of Pushkar. There we made the agonizing trek up some 2000 odd steps to the Savitri Temple.

We were rewarded by an amazing view and (not so nice) assurances of a good marriage for us both from the ageing pujari (priest).

Checked out the only Bhrama Temple in existance anywhere in the world and watched the sun set on the beautiful and peaceful city from one of the many terrace cafes.

Had a pretty eventful night as we were bounced around on a bus that seemed to barely hold itself together as it navigated the narrow roads to the southern palacial city of Udaipur. And that's where I am right now!

Will be here for 3 days and then head off to the border town of Jaisalmer and hopefully try out a camel safari. More adventures await us... and we welcome them all. 

*Not to infringe on "Fraggle Rock" but in this case Mac refers to a common term used to refer to "Catlik" (Catholic) and in particular Goan people in India. Please see previous post for more deets!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dhoom Machale!!!!!!*

There's just two words for my Indian trip so far: Bloody Awesome!
Well, ok... perhaps there are more, but those were the first two I thought off... and actually possibly the most apt!

The daily (rather nightly) partying continues. As of today, I've been here 12 days and been out 10 nights... with another dinner date set for tonight as well. Thankfully I've been working off most of the yummy food with walking all over the place and generally (trying) to stay active. For example of some of the tres yummy food see below.
Have uploaded a bunch of Bombay pics onto Flickr so check those out.

Side bar: Someone... anyone....please let me know if its worth paying the annual fee to Flickr ($24US) or should I be looking for another "free" picture posting outlet? Problem is, I'm kinda used to Flickr now... but would still like to know from others out there if I should pay up for the subscription.

Am heading off to the city of Aurangabad this weekend to visit the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves that house Jain, Buddist and Hindu carvings that date back to the 2nd century BC. Also interesting coz I'll be staying at a nunnery where my cousin's aunt is stationed. Now THAT in itself will be an experience.

A random cousin - also from the T Dot - turned up on Sunday night and we spent all of this morning trying to coordinate our travels outside of Bombay. Not an easy task, but I think we have some dates set! We're off to Elephanta Island just off the cost of South Bombay tomorrow and will wander around the downtown area and generally be touristly.

Went to see the first Hindi movie of my trip last Friday night - Dhoom 2 and I cou;dn't have chosen a more "action packed" and "thrill filled" movie as my first (to quote to extensive movie posters) I mean, when you have two of Bollywood's hottest hotties Hrithik and Abhishek paired with Ash and Bipasha... well it just doesn't get too much better! The songs were catchy, the action was packed the dialogues snappy and the storyline outragous - all the makings of a hit movie! Can't wait to see part 1 and many many more!

* Title song of the movie Dhoom 2. Check it out - you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Travel Map

Saw this on Jules' blog and decided to get my own. Obviously, I have a long way to go.... and simply MUST put more of a dent in the Southern continents!

Monday, January 08, 2007

This city never sleeps!

Forget New York, London and Paris; Bombay is where it is all happening! Day 5 in Bombay, and I feel like I've been running a constant marathon. This city and its inhabitants just seem to go on and on a la Energize Bunny ishtyle!

This is what my days so far have looked like:

Thursday, Jan 4th:
Arrived into Mumbai at 00:50 hrs
Out that evening to meet up with cousin and cousin's bf who are returning to Sydney the next day.  

Friday, Jan 5th:
Litany of calls/ visits to the immidiate family.
Repeatedly answer the following questions in more or less the same order:
How are you?
When did you come?
How long are you here for?
SO LONG!!! (Not a question, but everyone has reacted to my reply of "three months" in much the same way)
How are daddy and mummy?
And how is the brother
Where are you staying?
How are Nana and Papa?
What are you doing now?
NOTHING?? (once again, not a question but an almost identical comment from all!)
When will you be leaving?
Have you found a nice boy?
Do you want a nice boy?

Will you have something to eat? (This if I was meeting them in person)
When will you come over and have something to eat? (if on the phone)

Rinse and repeat all day!

Saturday, Jan 6th:
Attended wedding # 1
Sunday, Jan 7th:
Attended pre wedding party of wedding #2

Monday, Jan 8th:
Bookedtickets to Rajasthan (Jan 25th to Feb 4th)
Mailedpostcards that were supposed to be mailed in London
Meet Sr. Kusum at Navjeet the community centre I will be voluntering at
*present* Updating blog

Scheduled events:
Monday, Jan 8th: Birthday dinner at friend's house
Tuesday, Jan 9th: Travel to the 'burbs to meet Dad's brother and his family for lunch
Wednesday, Jan 10th: Help with last minute wedding preparations followed by dinner at another friend's house
Thursday/ Friday: Free - for now
Saturday, Jan 13th: Attend opening night of friend's play at Prithvi theatre
Sunday, Jan 14th: Attend wedding #2 Monday, Jan 15th: begin work at Navjeet
Tuesday, Jan 16th: dinner with mum's college friend

That's about all - for now. Bombay is sure gonna be a crazy ride!

Monday, January 01, 2007


First time I'm doing this, kinda fun on a lazy New years day.

Four jobs I've had

Intern with MTV India
Charity fundraiser
International student programs coordinator, York University
Corporate sales executive, Toronto Blue Jays

Four movies I can watch over and over
The Sound of Music (100+ and counting!)
The Full Monty
Gone with the Wind
The King and I

Four places I’ve lived
Bombay, India
Mumbai, India
Toronto, Canada
working on a 4th!

Four TV shows I love
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
The Amazing Race

Four places I’ve vacationed
London, UK
Rome, Italy
Berne, Switzerland
Melbourne, Australia

Four of my favorite dishes
Shrimp curry and rice
Mussles in wine sauce
Grilled catfish
Chicken Xacuti

Four sites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now
I can't complain - am in London right now en route to India and Japan!

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