Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dhoom Machale!!!!!!*

There's just two words for my Indian trip so far: Bloody Awesome!
Well, ok... perhaps there are more, but those were the first two I thought off... and actually possibly the most apt!

The daily (rather nightly) partying continues. As of today, I've been here 12 days and been out 10 nights... with another dinner date set for tonight as well. Thankfully I've been working off most of the yummy food with walking all over the place and generally (trying) to stay active. For example of some of the tres yummy food see below.
Have uploaded a bunch of Bombay pics onto Flickr so check those out.

Side bar: Someone... anyone....please let me know if its worth paying the annual fee to Flickr ($24US) or should I be looking for another "free" picture posting outlet? Problem is, I'm kinda used to Flickr now... but would still like to know from others out there if I should pay up for the subscription.

Am heading off to the city of Aurangabad this weekend to visit the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves that house Jain, Buddist and Hindu carvings that date back to the 2nd century BC. Also interesting coz I'll be staying at a nunnery where my cousin's aunt is stationed. Now THAT in itself will be an experience.

A random cousin - also from the T Dot - turned up on Sunday night and we spent all of this morning trying to coordinate our travels outside of Bombay. Not an easy task, but I think we have some dates set! We're off to Elephanta Island just off the cost of South Bombay tomorrow and will wander around the downtown area and generally be touristly.

Went to see the first Hindi movie of my trip last Friday night - Dhoom 2 and I cou;dn't have chosen a more "action packed" and "thrill filled" movie as my first (to quote to extensive movie posters) I mean, when you have two of Bollywood's hottest hotties Hrithik and Abhishek paired with Ash and Bipasha... well it just doesn't get too much better! The songs were catchy, the action was packed the dialogues snappy and the storyline outragous - all the makings of a hit movie! Can't wait to see part 1 and many many more!

* Title song of the movie Dhoom 2. Check it out - you won't be disappointed!


Naveed said...

Glad to see you're enjoying your days abroad! Just don't peak too soon!

I still like the original Dhoom better, though yes, the sequel is pretty fun viewing.

Have some more fun!

Sigsy said...

Hi Nix, I LOVE Flickr and I paid the 2 year fee. It seems very very reasonable to me and upload as many pics as I want because there's no way I could upload enough to use all my storage. I relaly recommend it. I am a member of other sites but like Flickr best so far.
Have a fabulous trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nix - great to hear all your comings and goings....the photos are amazing...beautiful brides!

Your Penguin Pal

u_chill said...

http://picasaweb.google.com. Sooner or later Google is gonna rule the world rite?:). Now you hv a good time & hope to cya on this trip. Plan a trip to Bangalore I say!

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