Monday, January 01, 2007


First time I'm doing this, kinda fun on a lazy New years day.

Four jobs I've had

Intern with MTV India
Charity fundraiser
International student programs coordinator, York University
Corporate sales executive, Toronto Blue Jays

Four movies I can watch over and over
The Sound of Music (100+ and counting!)
The Full Monty
Gone with the Wind
The King and I

Four places I’ve lived
Bombay, India
Mumbai, India
Toronto, Canada
working on a 4th!

Four TV shows I love
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
The Amazing Race

Four places I’ve vacationed
London, UK
Rome, Italy
Berne, Switzerland
Melbourne, Australia

Four of my favorite dishes
Shrimp curry and rice
Mussles in wine sauce
Grilled catfish
Chicken Xacuti

Four sites I visit daily

Four places I would rather be right now
I can't complain - am in London right now en route to India and Japan!


Heidi said...


Four places I’ve lived
Bombay, India
Mumbai, India

Aren't Bombay and Mumbai the two same place?

Sigsy said...

Well noticed Heidi, I didn't.

Let me know when you are in Japan and we can maybe have dinner...

Naveed said...

Happy belated New Year!

The Full Monty eh? I think that one's too easy to joke on :P Though Smallville totally is amazing!

Hope 2007 is even better than '06 for ya!

With Regards,

The Pixy Princess said...

yes yes... Bombay and Mumbai are the same... but one has to improvise when one has only lived in 2 cities!! ;)

Sigsy, will be in Japan March 28 - April 11.

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