Monday, January 08, 2007

This city never sleeps!

Forget New York, London and Paris; Bombay is where it is all happening! Day 5 in Bombay, and I feel like I've been running a constant marathon. This city and its inhabitants just seem to go on and on a la Energize Bunny ishtyle!

This is what my days so far have looked like:

Thursday, Jan 4th:
Arrived into Mumbai at 00:50 hrs
Out that evening to meet up with cousin and cousin's bf who are returning to Sydney the next day.  

Friday, Jan 5th:
Litany of calls/ visits to the immidiate family.
Repeatedly answer the following questions in more or less the same order:
How are you?
When did you come?
How long are you here for?
SO LONG!!! (Not a question, but everyone has reacted to my reply of "three months" in much the same way)
How are daddy and mummy?
And how is the brother
Where are you staying?
How are Nana and Papa?
What are you doing now?
NOTHING?? (once again, not a question but an almost identical comment from all!)
When will you be leaving?
Have you found a nice boy?
Do you want a nice boy?

Will you have something to eat? (This if I was meeting them in person)
When will you come over and have something to eat? (if on the phone)

Rinse and repeat all day!

Saturday, Jan 6th:
Attended wedding # 1
Sunday, Jan 7th:
Attended pre wedding party of wedding #2

Monday, Jan 8th:
Bookedtickets to Rajasthan (Jan 25th to Feb 4th)
Mailedpostcards that were supposed to be mailed in London
Meet Sr. Kusum at Navjeet the community centre I will be voluntering at
*present* Updating blog

Scheduled events:
Monday, Jan 8th: Birthday dinner at friend's house
Tuesday, Jan 9th: Travel to the 'burbs to meet Dad's brother and his family for lunch
Wednesday, Jan 10th: Help with last minute wedding preparations followed by dinner at another friend's house
Thursday/ Friday: Free - for now
Saturday, Jan 13th: Attend opening night of friend's play at Prithvi theatre
Sunday, Jan 14th: Attend wedding #2 Monday, Jan 15th: begin work at Navjeet
Tuesday, Jan 16th: dinner with mum's college friend

That's about all - for now. Bombay is sure gonna be a crazy ride!

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Jules said...

Wow! You have been BUSY!! Can't wait to hear about all the stuff you are going to see and do.

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