Sunday, September 02, 2007

That Jittery Feeling

I'm tired of being back home. And being responsible. And being a good girl.

Sick. And. Tired.

I want to go see the woods that Liisa is talking about.
I want to go back to Japan and try for another sight of Mt. Fuji.
I want to chill out on the shores of the lake in Udaipur and read my fav books.
I want to explore caves and caverns and climb mountains (ok, small hills) and trek in the rainforrest.

I want..... I want..... I want.

Instead, I will go off and shower and get ready for family day at the ballpark. Smile Intact.


HEiDi said...

yep...join my club! reality bites, dreams are better!

i don't want to be back at home.
i don't want to be back to work.
i want to travel.
i want to party.
i want to lie all the day on the beach.

that is all.

Liisa said...

Pack your bag and get yourself here - I'll take you to the woods.

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