Friday, September 21, 2007

The Inevitable

The train burst out of the tunnel and onto the bridge. The sardine packed commuters seemed to relax, as if there was suddenly more air and more space around them. I tried to look out of the windows, but the crowd was too dense, too stiff.

Someone shifted, and suddenly I could see out. And there IT was.

Among the trees that lined the side of the Don River valley, one stood out. Red flaming leaves visible among a sea of greens.

There was no denying it any longer. Fall has arrived.


Lotus Reads said...

It has arrived indeed! Infact, some of the trees have already begun shedding their leaves. Is it just me or have you noticed that the Fall colours are not as vibrant this year?

The Pixy Princess said...

You think so too?? I thought I was just being silly. It seems like the leaves are going from green to brown - no riot of colours inbetween.

Are we blaming Global Warming??

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