Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My new pass time - hackin up a lung

**sniff* cough* sniff*sniff**
I'm sick!
And not just the one-day-sniffles-take-a-pill-and-get-back-to-work sick.
This has gone on for 3 days... and there's no end in sight!

So I've been stuck at home (never pleasant throwing me in prolonged contact with les parents), have consumed enough of cough syrup to officially have a hangover and even chicken noodle soup is starting to lose its appeal. Seriously, there's only so much day time TV you can watch with its endless talk shows and re runs of hit 8Os sitcoms!

And as if all that is not enuff.... Monday.. I was offered a job. Well ok, not really offered, but it was the "apply and there's a helluva chance its yours" kinda thing.

The kind of job where I'd actually be able to have an opinion!
And voice it
And something may actually come of my suggestions
And I'd be able to use BOTH sides of my brain again (joy)
And... Well... actually want to get out of bed and go in to work!

Great... you may say.. take it. Coz anyone who knows me knows just how miserable I am in my current position.

The catch?

A drop in salary. HUGE drop. Something in the line of $8-10 K. BIG

So here's the eternal question that has been haunting mankind for centuries.... Love or Money???

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