Friday, July 20, 2012

My Road to Nirvana

Some folk go to spas for rejuvenation. Others walk or listen to a specific genre of music. There are those that go running to calm down (weird, yes?) and for a vast majority a bubble bath will suffice. For me, it is the tranquility of rows and rows of bookshelves that brings calm.

So, after a particularly rough day at work, that's where I found myself this evening - at the bookstore.

I spent a few hours in there wandering the rows and taking in the sheer magnitude of all of the wonderful works around me. And thanks to the generosity of my friends Beer Baron, The Blonde One and her hubby I got to take some new friends home.

For a few hours (at least), I will be able to escape the douche-bag colleagues and meander into the world of words.

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