Monday, July 16, 2012

The Devil is in the Details

If you know me outside of Blog-land, you'll know that things at work have been trying to say the least. There are a couple of colleagues who have been going out of their way to make life at the office a bit of a nightmare situation. And sadly, their bad behaviour is starting to affect the production of our intern, who reports in to one of the Three Stooges.

Things came to a boil about two weeks ago when I found out that emails going out to external stakeholders weren't being checked for spelling and grammar errors and most of them did not even contain a basic salutation! When I questioned this shoddy approach, one of my colleagues had the gall to tell me that such emails are "industry standard". The cheek!

Earlier today, I'd left instructions for our intern to follow up with a client about a particular matter. Sensing that she'd been the eye of the last storm, she sent me an email asking me to look over the correspondence before it was sent out. Sensible girl.

My reply:
Dear XX,
You might want to attach the update Employer Agreement as the one you have on here reflects the old pricing schedule. As you know, we moved to a new one as of July 1 this year. The new agreement can be found here on the shared drive. Make sure to keep a copy of this new agreement handy. 


Her response:
Thanks Pixy, I'll do that.
Btw, can you look over the body of the email and let me know if that makes sense?

My reply:
Hi XX,
Well, since you asked, you might want to word point #4 a bit differently. See below for suggestions.

Her response:
Will do. Sending out the email. You have been cc'd.

My email to the client:
Dear Mr. Client,
Thank you for your interest.... blah... blah.....

I have attached a copy of our new Employer Agreement. Please disregard the previous one sent over.

Sincerely, etc.


Timorous Beastie said...

Ha - perfect. Have you seen any of Twenty Twelve? IT's a British comedy thing about the Olympic Organising Committee. I'm not into the whole Olympic thing at all, but it's a very funny observation of life in any office.

The Pixy Princess said...

huumm... must look that up. If they're casting numpties, I can refer quite a few!

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