Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cold Hard Truths

Me (to friend): So, how’s the new job going? Like it better than the other place?

Friend: Yeah… its good. This place is much… um… swankier than the last though.

Me: Oh? How do you mean?

Friend: Well, for starters, they’re really picky about their staff and how they look. The waitresses are totally stunning!

Me: Ah well.. makeup does wonders. If I knew how to wield a mascara brush, I’d have a job there as well.

Alleged Friend: No, you don’t understand. They want REALLY beautiful women.

Me: (thinking) Time for some new friends.


Anonymous said...

ya right

The Bride said...

Hahaha! Sorry tis funny.

But seriously, I prefer the blunt, honest, friend variety, even if it gets brutal sometimes.

The Pixy Princess said...

Bride, yes... I hear you about the blunt variety. Still, sometimes a *wee* bit of softening would help!
Also, this is the same witless lad who made the "you're not really brown... more beige.." comment!

Heathcliffs Girl said...

pp,where are you!!

The Pixy Princess said...

HG... been bogged down with life in many forms and blogging, although dear to me has taken a back seat for now. Looking back, there are a number of posts that I had started and then saved to drafts. Will endeavour to complete and post them soon as.

Nice to be missed though! :)

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