Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Turning 30

As the clock struck midnight, there was the epic noise of a door slamming shut as I crossed over the threshold and landed firmly into the third decade of my life. My friends decided that making an announcement over the mic and getting the entire pub to sing for me would be appropriate. There was a rousing cheer of "Happy 30th" at the end of the song and hearing that out loud was a very odd feeling indeed. I knew this moment was coming. In fact, the entire evening I kept checking my watching thinking, Just 4 hours left in my 20s.... just 3..... and so on.

I am now about 8 hours into my 30s having just stumbled home after the comedy night at the pub which was followed by the post comedy night at another bar. And if these past few hours are any indication of how the rest of the decade will follow, then Mercy, this decade is going to be even more manic than the last!

To commemorate the awesomeness that has been my life thus far, I've put together a list of what I consider my top 30 moments of glory. Begging your indulgence with this little piece of self promotion, I give you (in no particular order):

30 Things I did before 30

  1. Learned to tie my shoe laces and ride a bike all on the same day. Or so my mother says. 
  2. Won a dance competition. Toronto Swing Dancing Championship, 2008. West Coast Swing Beginner Category - First Place! 
  3. Saw wild elephants up close. A little too close actually.
  4. Took part in almost every extra curricular activity my high school had on offer. Art, music, drama, sports, science fair - did it all. 
  5. Completed the Tongararo Crossing; a 21 km alpine trek that climbs as high as 1900 mts. Ok, so I had to be carried down the last 1.5 kms by six German guys coz I'd fallen and twisted my knee. But it still counts. 
  6. Been carried down a mountain by six German guys. Hey, how many other people can claim that? 
  7. Sang the National Anthem at a major league sporting event.
  8. Was bridesmaid at my Very Best Friend's wedding. 
  9. Quit my job. Twice. 
  10. Took a six month sabbatical and went travelling. Then carved a niche for myself in the new career path. 
  11. Tried both skiing and ice skating. Both were epic FAILS. But hey, at least I tried. 
  12. Moved to a new country and started from scratch. Twice. 
  13. Led a successful boycott of my high school Christmas pageant in protest of exam dates clashing with production rehearsal times. Have I mentioned that I went to a catholic school run by Carmelite nuns? And that my aunt was a teacher at said school? It was my very own Norma Rae moment. 
  14. Slept outdoors under the canopy of stars in the Australian Outback.
  15. Skinny dipped in the ocean.
  16. Watched the sun rise over sand dunes in the Thar desert. 
  17. Posed nude for a charity shoot. No Photoshop was involved! 
  18. Eaten at least 5 kinds of "mystery" meats. And lived to tell the tale. 
  19. Was the youngest person ever to sit on her Parish Council. And boy did I shake things up during my tenure! 
  20. Graduated debt free. Not even a library fine to worry about. 
  21. Held my own for 4 years working as the only female in a department of 47 men in a testosterone dominated industry. Helped that I could drink most of those pansies under the table.
  22. Fallen hopelessly, passionately and totally in love. Because no matter how it ended, it was an incredible feeling while it lasted. 
  23. Dragged myself out of the cold bleak well of heartbreak and clawed my way back to the top. Three times. 
  24. Presented at an international conference on youth leadership. Again, one of the youngest presenters there. 
  25. Learned how to cook well enough to have friends around for dinner and cook yummy goodies for them. Hardly award worthy I know, but sometimes the company of good pals is worth more than a million dollar prize. 
  26. Taken a chance. On life, on a job, on love. 
  27. Nurtured and maintained several long lasting friendships that have stayed strong even through years and miles have separated us. 
  28. Co-produced a book chronicling the lives of two of my personal heroes - my grandparents. 
  29. Introduced a fair few people to the wonderful world of dancing as a Dance Instructor. 
  30. Made a cameo in a Bollywood movie. It was for about 3 seconds and I am barely visible, but I know I'm there! 



    Jo said...

    awesome list. happy birthday!

    Heathcliffs Girl said...

    whoa! Thats quite the list! I like this 30 post. I hope i have something to write when i reach there. which is uhm not so far away! Happy Birthday you lovely pixy princess :)

    Anonymous said...

    Awesome list my friend....keep repeating #26.


    Wandering Wynie said...

    Happy Birthday Pixie! You know your 30's are the new 20s only with better income. I LOVE this post. I am SO impressed with 14; 19; 20; 28; 30.....well all of them actually. You are a force of nature!

    I only have two years (ok one and a third) left of my twenties and i hope by the time I come to write my list it's half as good as yours ;)

    Penblywydd Hapus as they say down my way xx

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