Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Twelve Days to Holiday Bliss

Do you hear what I hear? The sound of a fast approaching vacation! In just 12 days, I will be landing on the shores of my original hometown. I haven't lived there for ages, but every time I go back I seem to be able to slip right into the rhythm of things. And every time I have gone back, the city - and its people - have welcomed me back with open arms.

So much to see. People to visit. Old stomping gounds to discover all over again. In 12 days, my true love city I will see. And in that city, there will be:

Twelve bottles of home-made rice wine a-drinking

Eleven different kinds of Christmas sweeties
Ten ex-pat friends a-visiting

Nine ladies dancing (and some gentlemen too)
Eight (Christmas) choirs singing
Seven friend's babies a-wailing
Six pints at Toto's (gonna need that after those tots)

Five days laying on a beach! (in Goa)
Four calling birds
Three precious words
Two celebrations of love
And a Grandpa who I just can't wait to see!


Timorous Beastie said...


BTW word verification: houpe :-)

The Bride said...

I love "three precious words"

CurlyGirlie said...

Loves it!

The Pixy Princess said...

@ TB - *grin* and *fingers crossed*

clemde@gmail.com said...

Pixy Princess on the 20th be at St. Anthony's road for the best session of carols you will ever be a part of. Mezzovoce will confirm this.

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