Monday, January 26, 2009


I used to be a realist and a pragmatist. Then along came Beans and turned me topsy turvy. Under his influence, I have grown soft and mushy - like an overripe pear. My bad ass, devil-may-care, tough girl persona crumbled and some sort of sappy-girly-walking-around-on-cloud-nine persona replaced the old me.

Case in point, I (voluntarily) watched a Hallmark Movie last night and *gasp* ENJOYED it! Loving Leah was
a quirky love story revolving around the unexpected wedding and unconventional
married life of a 26-year-old widow and her late husband's brother, a handsome
30-year-old cardiologist.

The plot was looser than an unravelling jumper, the acting mediocre, the dialogue strained and boring and the storyline OH SO predictable. And yet, I kept watching. OK, so there wasn't much else on due to the SAG awards being aired so it was essentially between the movie and watching re runs of re runs of re runs of Seinfeld, Fraser and Family Guy that I'd watched a hundred times before AND Adam Kaufman the actor that played the "handsome 30-year-old cardiologist" is truly drop dead gorgeous AND there were multiple scenes in a swimming pool..... (!!)

But still, a HALLMARK movie????

This was sadly the crown to my weekend of sappy movies.

It started off alright on Friday night with Meet the Parents even though in between laughs I cautioned myself that this was to be my situation in a few weeks time!

Saturday started off a bustling round of house cleaning after which I deemed it necessary to reward myself by settling down to Four Weddings and a Funeral and carried over the Runaway Bride. I did redeem myself for a bit by also watching a bits of classic movies like Huckleberry Finn and Witness for the Prosecution over on TCM, but I did shamelessly revert back to the cheesy genre a la Sweet Home Alabama later that night.

I do owe The Blonde One a sincere apology for not attending her Stagette on Saturday night. She will perhaps be infuriated to know that THIS is what I ended up doing instead. My only excuse is that I was seriously NOT in the mood to drag my sorry behind out of bed and dress up and head out into the cold cold cold night all the way across town. I like parties just as much as the next gal, but my sunshine quotient was all used up after the vigorous round of cleaning and I suspect I would not have been great company in any case. I am however really looking forward to the wedding next weekend and no amounts of vacuuming and frigid temperatures will keep me away!

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