Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Walk in the Park - NYC Day 2

My second day in the Big Apple was spent in the relative bliss in the bustling city that is known as Central Park. Other than the quick peek in on my last trip, I'd never really taken time to fully appreciate the wonder that is this Oasis of Calm smack dab in the middle of this crazy busy city. Armed with my camera, my mp3 player and my thoughts - I walked into Central Park West at 81st street just opposite from the Museum of Natural History. Four hours later, I emerged at the intersection of 59th and Broadway, tired, hot and rather dirty..... but also very happy with how my afternoon had been spent.

Along the way, I saw:

The Bethseda Fountain

Hundreds of signs - pointing every which way!

Constant reminders that I was in the U S of A

Couples enjoying a leisurely row on the Lake

Amazing photo opps

A 50 year old Carousel that played old old show tunes

Beautiful, funny, devoted and always touching memorials

Kids enjoying the simple joys of a glorious summer afternoon

Budding photographers everywhere!

Some local residents

Fun pass times

Beauty everywhere; You just have to be still and enjoy it

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I particularly liked the local that an action shot of them?

Penguin Pal

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