Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Counting Down.....

Just 10 am, and already I have been at work 3 hours! This day is just craaaaaawwwwling by. Took the overnight bus back to the T Dot from NYC and except for the incessantly fidget-fart in the seat behind me, the journey was quite good. Passing through Customs at 4am is an experience. Thankfully all the questions I got asked required only "yes" or "no" answers and the officer was quite satisfied to have me nod or shake my head. I'm thinking my tousled hair, crumpled Tee and barely open eyes might have had something to do with it!

The bus dropped me off literally across the road from work (nice), and I was able to grab a quick shower and change at my gym - also across the road from work. (double nice).

3 hours and 4 cups of coffee later I'm hanging in there..... but I do have to pee quite a lot!

Stay tuned for a detailed post on the trip.... but for right now - is it 5 pm yet?

1 comment:

Scribbler said...

Have you gone home yet? :) Tell all about the trip!

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