Friday, June 27, 2008

Fantastic Friday

So many things to be super excited about right now.

For starters.... it's Friday! AND a Friday before a long weekend. AND an extra long in this case with the Tuesday off as well.

Last night, was cleaning out my closet and putting away clothes to give away to charities, when I realized that I can now fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear in 2 years! Super thrilled about this new turn of events and tres excited to get back into some cute tees and tops.

Got handed a very unexpected raise this morning!!!!!!!! New pay retroactive to April 1 which means that I can go ahead and buy my much wanted (and much needed) new dance shoes.

Plans for weekend in NYC seem to rolling along. Have secured tickets for the Yankee's game on Monday night AND (amazingly) for the Sunday afternoon subway series as well - Mets vs. Yankees. Excited to be meeting old school buddy as well. Haven't seen each other in 12 years - and I'm sure we'll have LOTS to talk about!

A tad bit worried about the weather forecast for NYC; Lots of scheduled rain which MAY result in one/both games getting postponed. Bother and Damnation. BUT, this is a happy post, so will set aside fears re weather right now and concentrate on Good Karma.

Dancing scheduled for this evening. Been a while since I saw my West Coast Swing buddies and looking forward to shaking my *thang* on the dance floor tonight! Pre dancing movie and cocktails also scheduled. With the temperatures rising up up up..... I'm so in the mood for a ice cold mojito!

AND, my new headset for my work phone was just delivered. Hurrah! No more uncomfortable achy neck from trying to hold the phone up between my neck and ear! Better still, no more dropping the receiver mid conversation with important client and then scrambling under the desk to try and retrieve it while still pretending to know what he/she is saying.


CurlyGirlie said...

U went straight to work after a hectic weekend and what does not seem like a fun bus journey? hats off to you!!

CurlyGirlie said...

Also how did u manage to lose the weight - please share tips wiht me - other than diet which I am unable!!

In an aside - the prev comment was for the prev post.

The Pixy Princess said...

I'm all about "going the extra mile" CG!!! ;) As for the weight loss, well for one having chronic gastric problems will do half the work for you. The other half is dancing - all dancing. Between ballroom and WCS and all sorts of extra dance practices and workshops, I'm dancing about 4 times every week. Even if just for an hour - its an intense cardio workout!

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