Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Decision Made!

Sweet Baby Moses!

It's bloody tough trying to find a destination that
a) you can get to within your budget
b) you can see a lot/all of in a week
c) has friends/family to crash with
d) is not more than a 24 hr journey away!

Anyway, after much tremulcous decision making, I settled on San Fransisco for the week of Nov 24 to Dec 2.

It's actually one of the places on my (very long) MUST VISIT list, so I'll feel a sense of accomplishment when I go there. Also, my cousin-in-law is currently there on a 3 month work assignment and I thought it would be nice to see him again. The last time we met it involved lots of laughs and copious amounts of beer - and I'm really hoping for a repeat!

So now, if any of my gentle readers have been to 'Frisco before, do share your tips on the city, things to do, places to go and good bars/pub to check out - and be checked out at.*

*appaling grammar I know - but sometimes one just HAS to break a few rules to truly express how one is feeling!


Anonymous said...

Have never been to San Fransisco, but I'm told that if you're going, you should wear some flowers in your hair.

S (counting down three weeks before she eats sev puri at the cross again!)

CurlyGirlie said...

Wrote this massive comment but could not post it so anyway have fun! Frisco is nice - went when I was much younger but remember the really cute looking houses- thinking Full House type and a extremely zig zag road! and Don't forget to see the golden gate bridge ;-p!!

Also Apalling spelling!!

Lotus Reads said...

Never been to SFO, wish I was going too!

The Pixy Princess said...

I will be sure to look for Full House like homes - with flowers in my hair of course!

and FYI, I have a disclaimer re my spelling on my blog! :)

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