Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Decisions... Decisions.....

So, I just found out today that I have 8.5 vacation days to be used up by the end of this year. We're not allowed to "roll over" days - so I must take them, or I loose out.

OF COURSE I want to take time off..... but WHERE shall I go?

Suggestions most welcome!


ok, so everyone has ideas - I should specify!

1. Somewhere that I can get to (and back) within $700 (taxes incl.)

2. Someplace I have NOT been to before (NYC out - sorry PP, but lovely suggestion!)

3. Someplace where I can see something new, do something new or meet new people (like fellow bloggers). I have plenty of time to relax when I'm dead. As for reading - I do that anyway... all the time. (;p CG)

4. It doesn't have to be a "sunny" location - I recognize that half the world is currently moving into Winter!

5. It has to be 1 week at the most - so pref not places on the far side of the globe!


Lotus Reads said...

Nix, I would go to the Caribbean...there's so many places to pick from...Cuba, Trinidad, Bermuda, Guyana, etc.etc.etc.

Let us know where you decide to go, this is soooo exciting!

Anonymous said...

ummm.....8 days vacation and where to go??? my goodness, after your wonderful 5 months of travel to exotic lands, is there somewhere calm and normal that you want to see?

Except for the $$$ how about New York City...a literary tour of NYC or even better...a Sex and the City tour of NYC...yeah!

I give it a good think.
Penguin Pal

CurlyGirlie said...

Suggestions need to depend on what kind of break u looking at?? if you want to relax and read by the pool or run around looking at things and read whenu have the time. I personally think Alaska is close by and a must see!! hee hee!!

Jules said...

Cuba, definitely Cuba.

Its on my list of places to visit but is such a long flight from where I am at the moment that I probably won't go until my most recent long-haul flight experience fades from my memory.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong - just small enough for a week-long vacation.

I'm bored at work. I wish I had 8.5 days to go somewhere... alas and alack I have to save it for the wedding.

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