Thursday, February 22, 2007

On the road again

Left Bombay last evening and took a 13 hour bus ride to start off the next leg of my "Discover India" tour.

First stop, Hyderabad to meet up with cousin Scribbler who is doing her Masters in Literature at CIEFL. Will be spending 4 glorious days trying to catch up on a backlog of 2 years worth of random chats and general gossip. Of course we do that on msn, but its just not the same!

After Hyderabad, will be moving on the ancient city of Hampi (the seat of the Vijaynagara Empire) and then to Bangalore where I will catch up with more cousins - not so well known, but nice enough to let me crash at their places regardless! Its then on to Mysore, Somnathpur and Sravanbelagola for quicky day trips and heading back to Bombay on March 8th.

Tune in to updates on what, when and where in the world is the Pixy Princess!

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