Friday, September 29, 2006

The End of an Era

Well... this is it folks.... My last day as a TBJ employee!

After 5 seasons, 2002 to 2006 - my association with Pro Sports will finally come to an end.

Although I'm a bit sad at the thought of leaving this place that has been like a second home for so long (Lord knows I spend enough hours here!!) its definitely time to move on... this is just another bend in the road and if anything ... the past few years have taught me that anything's possible! I've learnt so much personally and professionally and have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many remarkable people - many who I will consider life long friends.

As of now, the plan is to take October/ November off to work on my Thesis/ practicum for my Training & Development course at U of T. This will be the perfect time to wholly concentrate on that and finally get it DONE! I've been procrastinating over topic etc for the past 4 months and the time off now will help me FOCUS!

I have a trip to England & Scotland planned for Christmas & New Year's... and then its off to India for 3 months where I'll be volunteering with local Not for Profit agencies. Haven't quite decided on a field yet - but I'm leaning towards something in adult literacy or women's development.

Once I'm back ( March 2007) I will be looking for work in the Training & Development field - putting my new skills to use! So if you have any contacts in the Industry, please let me know!

But... that's a long ways away. For now... I'll be taking it one step at a time - starting with partying it up at C'est What tonight!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stick a fork in it - summer's DONE!

So the last long weekend of the summer came and went in a flurry of rain and wind otherwise known as Tropical Storm Ernesto. Such a bummer too as it was the only long weekend I'd had off this summer!
Still, it wasn't a complete washout (pun intended!) as the 5 Families met at my aunt's for a join celebration of her birthday and my grandparents 61st (yikes!)anniversary. Good food as usual! Yum! I scooted off early though to go see Lord of the Rings - the musical. I just had to see for myself if a theatre version of Tolkien's classic story would - well quite simply put - cut it! I grabbed the opportunity to get cheap tickets and went to see it with some friends. Thankfully it was much much more than what I'd imagined. In fact, I wholly applaud the set designer who actually MADE middle earth appear on a X by X ft stage.

It was back to school the following Tuesday for all the kiddos and thankfully a VERY short week as I left work early on Friday for a friend's wedding! Thankfully the weather held out for the ceremony which on the rooftop of the banquet hall - right on Lake Ontario. Ma Nature seems to have thought that just because its September… she must send in the winds and rains! We've had nothing but dark and stormy days ever since the beginning of the month. And I've been so darn busy I haven't even had the chance to dig out my Fall clothes. *sigh* prolly nothing fits anyway! Oh well… that just means I'll have to go shopping soon! ;)

5:20 pm and already its pitch dark outside! And me still stuck at workj with a pile of things in my inbox!
Must run.... later darrlings!

Monday, September 04, 2006

London Calling!

Instead of just deaming about London... I decided to actually DO something about my seemingly bizzare longings for the city... And so I did!

Booked my tickets last night and as of Dec 14th... I'll be off to London!

The plan as of right now is pre Christmas in Glasgow spending some time with my Very Best Friend - who I met my first day of school waaay back in grade 1. As fate would have it, we lived down the road from each other and so we just HAD to be friends! 20 years later... we're still going strong!

Well back to the "plan" - Pre Christmas in Scotland - back to London for Christmas and then if possible off somewhere on the Continent for New Years!

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