Monday, September 04, 2006

London Calling!

Instead of just deaming about London... I decided to actually DO something about my seemingly bizzare longings for the city... And so I did!

Booked my tickets last night and as of Dec 14th... I'll be off to London!

The plan as of right now is pre Christmas in Glasgow spending some time with my Very Best Friend - who I met my first day of school waaay back in grade 1. As fate would have it, we lived down the road from each other and so we just HAD to be friends! 20 years later... we're still going strong!

Well back to the "plan" - Pre Christmas in Scotland - back to London for Christmas and then if possible off somewhere on the Continent for New Years!


Heidi said...

Horray! A baby step onto embarking on the what will become many future trips!

The Pixy Princess said...

You bet!

I'm already thinking of Japan next year - in Spring - for the Hanami festival!

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