Thursday, July 27, 2006

Must Reads....

I've been reading books for more than 22 years.

It all started one day when I was potty training when my mum - in an attempt to keep me from running off - gave me a book... and I was hooked. In fact till today I cannot go potty without reading material. It’s a curse really!

Thanks to my mum's early efforts, I've had the pleasure of calling myself an "avid reader" and have let my imagination wander into all sorts of wonderful places and have met and loved all sorts of interesting characters. To pick from the literally 1000s of books I've read seems to be a near impossible task. But I will try to narrow down my top 20 picks. They are not ordered in preference coz that would be like choosing 'tween your kids. And everyone knows you're not supposed to have favourites! Some are listed by author as I cannot possible pick of their works - others are random selections of books I (sometimes) randomly picked up… and never quite put back down!

Here goes…

1. Hugh Lofting - The Dr. Dolittle Series
2. E. Nesbit - The Railway Children, The Wouldbegoods etc.
3. L. M. Montgomery - The Anne of Green Gables series, A Tangled Web
4. Homer - The Odyssey
5. Christopher Moore - Lamb, Fluke
6. Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Days
7. Atonement - Ian McEwan
8. Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express
9. Enid Blyton - The Faraway Tree series and too many more to mention!
10. Louisa M. Alcott - Little Women
11. Rohinton Mistry - Such a Long Journey
12. L. Frank Baum - The Oz books
13. Susan Coolidge - What Katy Did
14. Roald Dhal - Danny the Champion of the World, The BFG
15. Anita Rau Badami - A Hero's Walk
16. Bapsi Sidhwa - Cracking India
17. Stuart McLean - Vinyl Café Series
18. Gregory Maguire - Wicked
19. Suzanna Kaysen - The Camera my Mother gave Me
20. Jane Austin - Pride & Prejudice

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Lotus Reads said...

Love your list! We seem to have similar tastes in reading! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for something on Bapsi Sidhwa. Hope to have more book posts from you...

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