Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Intervention please!


I just discovered the Double Day Book Club and
I've spent an extraordinary amount of money online!!! Almost as bad as the time I went in to BMV to "browse" and then left with 32 - count 'em - 32 books! Books really ARE my weak point - but I figure I spend very little on clothes and little or nothing on anything else personal - so why not pamper myself with books?

It is my dream to one day own:
ALL of the Agatha Christie books
ALL of the Enid Blyton mystery series.

But for right now, this latest purchase is going to make my mum REALLY mad as she expressly forbade me to buy any more books until after we moved!

Oh well… its not like she can ground me or take away TV rights. Even so, I'll just pretend like I bought these BEFORE her edict!


Todd said...

This is Todd. You are Nicola.

I can't freakin' believe it's been nearly four years.

Conal said...

What the hell - why did you change your blog url ? Now none of my links work !

Nix said...

oh quit fussing.... change them!

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