Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Prodigal Returns....

I should have added "Will update blog more regularly" to my list of resolutions! Anyway... thanks to urgings from my bog fan(s?) and also the fact I'm in at work on a crappy rainy Saturday.... here I am again with a quickie update!

2005 was most definitely the year of the "Let's Get Married!!"
In all, about 23 people I knew tied the knot in various ceremonies that took place from the sunny beaches of California to the windy hills of Scotland. Sadly thanks to a) an anal manager and b) lack of funds, I was only able to get to ONE of those weddings.... but what a wedding it was! (see previous posts for details).

I have thus declared 2006 to be the Year of the Single Girl... in my honour of course!

4 months in to 2006 and things have been quite hectic for me.... but what else is new!
Just a few short weeks after my return from NYC where I spent New Year's with friends.... I was off again to Lake Tahoe, NV to try my hand at some winter activities. Was moderately successful on the slopes before I managed to entangle myself in the ski lift pulley thingy.... which resulted in the whole slope being shut down and medics rushing to my aid. I was carted off the slopes with thankfully no more than a wounded ego... a sore behind and a bruise on my leg the size of Texas!

As if I hadn't already racked in the air-miles.... early Feb saw me heading off across the Atlantic to London. My first trip ever to the UK and although the prospect of meeting 3 dear dear friends was thrilling... the lure of a pub on every street... even more so! Spent 6 glorious day in London staying with Drama Queen (DQ) a college friend from Bombay,  meeting Giggles (also Xavier's mate) and Very Best Friend (VBF) - my very oldest gal pal - who sat on a bus for 7 hours all the way from Glasgow just to see me for about 27 hours! I'm worth it though!! Between them.... I was able to see quite a bit of London.... even went over to Greenwich and checked out Greenwich Palace (now a University) and the pride of Greenwich village - Farmer John's Tavern where I had my first authentic meal of fish and chips! Also checked out random bits and pieces of London such as the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, St. Paul's, Soho, Victoria Station, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Sq., Downing St., Westminster Abbey and of course... the Big Ben. (and many many many pubs along the way!)

Life back in the T Dot after these trips would have been mundane if it were not for a series of events that followed... starting off with my 25th birthday.... (oh WHAT a night!).....finally seeing Swan Lake....more modules at U of T......seeing my first Curling Tourney - The Scott Tournament of friend Chad's birthday - where things got a leetle kinky (!!)...........Yoga classes with the gals at work.(hilarious!).........St. Paddy's day - and discovering a new pub with an awesome selection of beer.........the count down to the 2006 Season Opener..... and of course... the first 12 hr pub crawl of 2006 - which should.. and will have its own blog entry.

And since that was just a week ago... you're all caught up now. Stay tuned for more... I'm only just begun!

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