Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year Resolutions

In 2006 I will try my best to:

lose 10 lbs.
travel to another continent. 2005 was terribly NA oriented!
make 10 new friends
reconnect with 10 lost friends
make more time for family
make my bed at least once a month
clean my room at least twice in the year
sign up for dance classes again
learn to cook at least 5 new Indian dishes (thereby upping my marriage value)
get my full drivers lisence
learn a new skill (like archery, or dragon boating)
not drink too much (who am I kidding here?)

1 comment:

Naveed said...

Happy belated New Year!

I have to ask, how many of those resolutions have you managed to break/reneg on at this point? Don't worry, the New Year doesn't REALLY start 'til after Groundhog Day!

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