Saturday, December 24, 2005

Post Script: The Past Few Weeks.

Went to the see the Nutcracker on Dec 10th avec les parents and other misc family that included 2 aunts, 1 cousin, 1 old family friend, 1 regular friend... and a partridge in a pear tree. T'was my second time seeing this particular ballet, but as the tickets were just $20 I couldn't resist. The show was spectacular, and I'm glad I went again coz there were parts that I had forgotten about. I think my little cousin enjoyed it as well, seeing as she's been attending ballet classes for about a year now.

Went to The Lady Killer's Christmas Shin Dig Dec 15th. Met a lot of old friends and made a few new ones as well. Cosmo Girl got a pink frying pan for Christmas... and I came away with Edward the Bear who has a nice fuzzy and soft bum!

Partied it up the next night at the Company Holiday Dinner at the Liberty Grand. Good food...good wine... great DJ... all the makings of one really good night of fun that is barely remembered by all - thanks to the open bar! Suffice to say that the weekend was very quite after back to back nights!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were really slow and quite anti-climactic after the week before culminating with the party. Somehow managed to get through those days and began my vakay time on Dec 22!!

Since then have been home neck deep in preparations for the big day... tomorrow! This year we're hosting Christmas lunch at our place and of course this has resulted in my mother going completely off the deep end with her endless preparations! I'm just trying to lay low and out of her path or else I might just get steamrolled. Its actually going to be a very small crowd this year as one sister and her family is away in India and the other sister is having C'Mas at her in-laws place. Still, even with them gone we'll be about 12 people and that's more than enough that the condo can hold!

Must sign off now. Vacuuming awaits me!

Merry Christmas to All. And don't forget to put out milk and cookies!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Past Few Weeks. Part 2

By the time December came around, I was neck deep in the family project I was working on. I learnt that if ever given a choice to coordinate with family again.... run like the wind. Seriously, I just don't understand how otherwise (supposed) adults function in a professional environment and manage deadlines for reports, projects etc. But when given a simple task with plenty of time to do it, fail to comprehend even the simplest set of instructions.

For example, here's a sample of the kind of email I would send out:
Hello All!!
Quick reminder that all the grandkids pictures are due in by this weekend. Please please try and get them in to me ASAP coz I'll need the whole weekend to plan the layout of the scrapbook.

Sample of the replies I would get:
... when are the blurbs due?
... what is the theme colour for this scrapbook?
.... who do we have to send our blurbs to?
... what's a blurb?

Still, I persisted.... and thankfully have all the pictures, blurbs and other bits and pieces of information I need to get this all together. Right now, I do NOT envy my cousin who, has to create order out of chaos and somehow string all the blurbs together to write the entire story!

One thing's for sure. Its not going to be done in time for Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Past Few Weeks. Part 1

Oh dear....
I really seem to have become terribly lax with updating my blog regularly! First it used to be that nothing exciting was happening; Ergo, I had nothing to report. Now, its just the opposite and I'm too darn busy to sit down and properly chronicle events. So.. here's a quick overview of the past few weeks.

Saturday, Nov 26th: Cavalcade of Lights, Nathan Phillips Square, Downtown Toronto.

Met up with some of the pals at City Hall to watch the lighting of Toronto's "Official" Christmas Tree... (Or is it a Holidays Tree??? Who knows.. everything has to be so damn PC around here!) Beer Baron said he was coming too... but he didn't show and we could only assume it was a sort of washroom crisis - which is often the case with him. Anyway....even though it was sub zero temps... we had a blast and the programme was actually really good and involved dancers and acrobats and music groups and fireworks... and of course the big moment when the tree was lit and everyone went "Ooooooo".

Well once that happened, there was really not too much point hanging around, also we were chilled to the bone and hungry and thirsty as well. (We're all about pampering our bellies). Thai food was suggested, and we trekked up to Yonge/ Dundas to 'Thai Salad King' which someone swore was the best Thai restaurant this side of the Don River, and in spite of the 20 minute wait for a table that barely fit us all, I'll have to admit that the food was quite good. Well mine was anyway!

Once our bellies were attended to, we had to look after our minds.. or rather trash our minds with beer and so it was back down Yonge St. in search of an appropriate establishment. Of course being 10pm on a Saturday night, everything was busy and there was not a table to be found for love or money. Finally at Fionn McCools, (the 3rd place we tried) there was a glimmer of hope when I found this table occupied by this sole woman. I asked her if we could sit down as the bar was packed, and she was all alone at a table for 6!! Well she agreed and we all crowded round.

Little did we know the fun was just starting! Turns out, chickie (who btw was mid-late 40s and um.. kinda looked like a man!) was there to "support" the band, and she insisted in telling us (over and over again) 1. that she shouldn't really be there coz she had an exam to study for. 2. that she was in love with the lead singer 3. that he'd asked her out several times, but she'd turned him down coz of the age difference and 4. that she loved "these guys" and would follow them anywhere to hear them sing.... then back to point 1 and so on.. you get the picture! AND she was getting progressively drunker and louder! Well, the climax was when she got up to dance and grabbed some poor random girl and started spinning around with her nearly knocking over several tables, mic stands and the amps in the process! Well by now the entire bar had gathered round the stage, not so much for the music, but for the crazy spectacle unfolding. Honestly, it was like a train wreck... chaotic, horrible and you know people will eventually be hurt... but you still can't look away!

We were all pretty much in splits at our table and could barely hold a straight face when she got back to the table!!! Thankfully, she left soon after (all that spinning must have gotten to her) and once she did we just sat back and let loose!

Oh my.. talk about a strange evening!
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